Pets hold a very important place in our lives – we feed, nurture, and lavish attention on them. Our highly qualified kennel attendants do the same when you can't be there. We work hard to earn your pet's trust and make each visit a positive experience. We offer several boarding options to give your best friend a fun filled visit. 

All of our guests receive spacious, climate controlled accommodations. You are welcome to bring your pet's food, bedding, toys or treats from home. We ask that all food be brought in a small, resealable container such as a zip top bag.  All possessions will be labeled with your pet's name. We will gladly administer any medications your pet needs while you are away.  We can typically accommodate any special needs or requests. We also offer a complimentary Sunday Afternoon Pick-Up from 4:30-5:30 pm. This is a scheduled service and boarding will need to be prepaid since our office will be closed.

Facility Upgrades:
In an effort to always offer the highest comfort and ensure the most pleasant stay possible for your pets, Covepets has been making some exciting changes to our boarding facility since we opened the new facility in 2013. The first upgrade was making the switch from fluorescent to LED lights. These new lights are significantly less harsh on the eyes and promote a more relaxing visual for pets. The LED lights offer uniform light rather than the rapid flashing of fluorescent, which eliminates that stressor from the kennel areas.

  The next upgrade was adding more dehumidification to our boarding and grooming areas. This step allows us to maintain proper humidity levels at a more comfortable temperature. If you toured our facility early on and thought it seemed cool in the boarding areas, you were correct. The temps ran cooler to keep the humidity at a safe level in these areas, but with the addition of the dehumidifiers, we can now keep these areas right around 70 degrees. The indoor/outdoor runs have always been challenging to keep comfortable because they are open to the outdoor air temperature and humidity all day. We have upgraded our exhaust fan to a monstrous 3000 cfm fan that turns the air over and keeps it feeling much more comfortable.  

  Another improvement is the introduction of music in the kennels. Music is commonly used as background noise to help prevent stress response of startling noises. Therefore there will be less negative stimuli each time they board. Here at Covepets, we play classical music, which research has shown to increase resting postures and decrease barking (2000, 2002, Applied Animal Behavior Science). Imagine if you were at a spa; you would want to have calming music and soft lighting for your eyes.  That is what we hope to provide to our guests!


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