What to Bring

It is our goal for your pet to feel at home at Covepets. Your pet can bring their favorite food or treats from home or they can eat our food (Veterinary EN) at no extra charge. Please bring your pet's food either in individual ziploc bags containing each meal's portion or a sealable container with feeding instructions attached. Please do not bring oversized containers or full bags of food unless your pet will be here for an extended stay.

Please bring in any medications or supplements that your pet requires with instructions. We can administer all types of medications, including injections. There is a $3 per day charge to administer medications. However, medication administration is complimentary for all guests participating in DayCare, VIP or staying in Bark Avenue.

Comfort items are a great way to help your pet feel even more at ease during their stay. You pet can bring up to 5 comfort items to have with them in their room. These items can be a bed, toys, blanket, t-shirt, etc. No towels or bowls please.

If you have any questions give us a call at 256-533-3385 or email jason@covepets.com.