Our DayCare program provides 3 important benefits for every dog - Socialization, Exercise and Training. All dogs receive a behavior assessment to determine his/her needs. During DayCare your pet will enjoy complete day of playtime in supervised play groups with no forced nap or kennel time, develop good social skills, love learning basic manners and earning treats.  We  take pictures of the groups playing together each day and posts them on HCAH's facebook page. Please visit www.facebook.com/covepets to see our pets enjoying DayCare.

Good social skills with people and other dogs is a key factor for a well behaved pet. At DayCare your pet will learn trust through positive experiences with our caring team. During interactive play groups your pet will learn appropriate ways to greet and interact with other dogs. Even a few days a week at Day Care can dramatically improve social skills. We've found that this translates to dogs who love coming into our office and are not as anxious when they have to be away from their pet parents.

Dogs need physical and mental exercise EVERYDAY. Many breeds require HOURS of physical exercise each day to maintain good health. DayCare fulfills both phyical and mental exercise needs. Not only will your pet burn lots of physical energy he/she will also get smarter. Our dogs go home happier and calmer than when they arrived.

DayCare can quickly improve both potty training and basic manners such as sit, down or stay. We can also reinforce recall and can aid in eliminating behaviors such as jumping and biting while the dogs are enjoying their day.